I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I’ve decided to move on immediately. On paper, it looked like we were the perfect couple, but reality changed all of that. We annoyed each other constantly, and it escalated into screaming matches every night. I’m as over her as she is over me, and I want to find someone else quickly so I can forget about all the bad times we had together.

Finding someone new may not be easy, but I’m determined to get past her. We had some good times in the beginning, and that’s what I want when I find a new woman. I want to have fun exploring our interests and hobbies, and I want to branch out into new areas. I want to find a woman who isn’t afraid to talk about the future, and I certainly want to find one who won’t bore me with her past.

It has been only a few weeks since I broke up with her, but I’ve already been on about a dozen dates. None of them seemed to want to go out again, and I’m not quite sure why. All of them said they had a nice time, but we just didn’t have anything in common. Most of them would rudely change the subject whenever I explained that I’m trying to move on from a previous relationship.

Dating used to be fun, but now it seems more like a chore. I wonder how women changed so much since I began my last relationship. They used to be willing to go places and chat about everyday life, but many women now seem to be focused on what they want from a man. It is amazing to me that any of these women think they will ever find someone perfect for them, but I’m focused on moving on.